NDAs Have No Place In The Church

If you’ve listened to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, you no doubt are familiar with the damage that Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can cause for those in the church. If you’ve been required to sign one, you definitely know what I’m talking about. Sure, in the secular world they can be used to protectContinue reading “NDAs Have No Place In The Church”

Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity

But I hear that some infect your number, and destroy the praise of a distinguished name by their corrupt conversation; whom you yourselves, even as being lovers and guardians of your own praise, should rebuke and check and correct.” Cyprian, Epistle 6.4 I’ve been spending time in Cyprian’s letters, and there is no lack ofContinue reading “Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity”