Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity

But I hear that some infect your number, and destroy the praise of a distinguished name by their corrupt conversation; whom you yourselves, even as being lovers and guardians of your own praise, should rebuke and check and correct.” Cyprian, Epistle 6.4 I’ve been spending time in Cyprian’s letters, and there is no lack ofContinue reading “Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)

Often the things that are most painful cause the most growth. Calvin was unceremoniously kicked out of Geneva in 1538, and honestly, he deserved it. He had been harsh and unwilling to work with others. Calvin wasn’t a good pastor when he was booted out of Geneva. But this humbling time in exile would beContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)”

Augustine’s Philosophy of History in the City of God

When lists of the most influential theologians are imagined, Augustine usually sits near the pinnacle. He was among the tallest of theological giants and his influence cannot be denied. His life story is well known due to his Confession. He excelled as a teacher of rhetoric and bounced between heretical sects and various philosophical schools.Continue reading “Augustine’s Philosophy of History in the City of God”