Sometimes the Humble Response is Simply “Thank you”

How do you express humility after you’ve done something objectively well? I’m not talking about humblebragging or false humility. But really, when you use your God-given gifts to create or express something beautifully, how do you respond with humility when you receive genuine praise? In some Christian circles, it may be an unspoken rule thatContinue reading “Sometimes the Humble Response is Simply “Thank you””

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 5)

I apologize for the time between parts 4 and 5. Last semester I took 7 courses so I can, Lord willing, finish seminary this Summer. The last time we visited Calvin in this series, he had responded to the letter from Cardinal Sadaleto at the request of Geneva. This final part of the series showsContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 5)”

Cicero, You Were Pretty Close

Few minds have impacted the civic and political realm to the same degree as Cicero. His practical Roman “philosophy” focused on everything from political theory, rhetoric, character, personal duty, and so much more. There’s no understating how important Cicero was for Rome and how important he is for the study of Roman politics, culture, andContinue reading “Cicero, You Were Pretty Close”

How God Preserves Humanity

There are few verses that show our need for Christ more than Genesis 6:5, “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” We know where the story goes from here, God destroyed the world with aContinue reading “How God Preserves Humanity”

The Adopting Act of 1729

Gaining a group identity in the New World was a difficult thing to do in the 18th-century. Everyone had their own sets of pressupositions related to where they or their family came from in the Old World. This is seen acutely in the differences in local government in the Colonies. But, perhaps it was evenContinue reading “The Adopting Act of 1729”

Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity

But I hear that some infect your number, and destroy the praise of a distinguished name by their corrupt conversation; whom you yourselves, even as being lovers and guardians of your own praise, should rebuke and check and correct.” Cyprian, Epistle 6.4 I’ve been spending time in Cyprian’s letters, and there is no lack ofContinue reading “Cyprian: Epistle 51.24 and Church Unity”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)

Often the things that are most painful cause the most growth. Calvin was unceremoniously kicked out of Geneva in 1538, and honestly, he deserved it. He had been harsh and unwilling to work with others. Calvin wasn’t a good pastor when he was booted out of Geneva. But this humbling time in exile would beContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)”

Augustine’s Philosophy of History in the City of God

When lists of the most influential theologians are imagined, Augustine usually sits near the pinnacle. He was among the tallest of theological giants and his influence cannot be denied. His life story is well known due to his Confession. He excelled as a teacher of rhetoric and bounced between heretical sects and various philosophical schools.Continue reading “Augustine’s Philosophy of History in the City of God”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 3)

When Calvin arrived in Geneva the Reformation had just penetrated her walls. Farel was a gifted speaker who could move a crowd, however, his tone was harsh and his personality abrasive. This combination caused him to bounce around from city to city. He would start strong and establish a movement against the Roman Catholic Church,Continue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 3)”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 2)

John Calvin’s life never went as he expected. When he went to school in Paris and Orleans, he believed he would study to enter the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. But as would be the formula of Calvin’s life, God had other plans. During his education, Calvin came into contact with the Lord ofContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 2)”