How God Preserves Humanity

There are few verses that show our need for Christ more than Genesis 6:5, “The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” We know where the story goes from here, God destroyed the world with aContinue reading “How God Preserves Humanity”

The Adopting Act of 1729

Gaining a group identity in the New World was a difficult thing to do in the 18th-century. Everyone had their own sets of pressupositions related to where they or their family came from in the Old World. This is seen acutely in the differences in local government in the Colonies. But, perhaps it was evenContinue reading “The Adopting Act of 1729”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)

Often the things that are most painful cause the most growth. Calvin was unceremoniously kicked out of Geneva in 1538, and honestly, he deserved it. He had been harsh and unwilling to work with others. Calvin wasn’t a good pastor when he was booted out of Geneva. But this humbling time in exile would beContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 4)”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 3)

When Calvin arrived in Geneva the Reformation had just penetrated her walls. Farel was a gifted speaker who could move a crowd, however, his tone was harsh and his personality abrasive. This combination caused him to bounce around from city to city. He would start strong and establish a movement against the Roman Catholic Church,Continue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 3)”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 2)

John Calvin’s life never went as he expected. When he went to school in Paris and Orleans, he believed he would study to enter the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. But as would be the formula of Calvin’s life, God had other plans. During his education, Calvin came into contact with the Lord ofContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 2)”

A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 1)

Asking people about John Calvin elicits a variety of responses. Some idolize him to the point of near infallibility, while others think giving him the moniker dictator is too generous. Some consider him to be among the greatest minds in church history, while others believe him to be the orchestrator of the worst forms ofContinue reading “A Brief Introduction to the Life of Calvin (Part 1)”

Jeremiah Burroughs and the Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) was thought of highly by his Puritan contemporaries. He was well known for his powerful preaching, deep theological insight, and kind disposition to his congregants and fellow ministers of the Gospel. His resume is noteworthy; he was a member of the Westminster Assembly, a leader among the Puritan Independents, a friend toContinue reading “Jeremiah Burroughs and the Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment”

The Difference Between King David and Ravi Zacharias

As more developments arise from the revelation of Ravi Zacharias’ predatory sexual behavior we see the destructive nature of sin and evil. I tend to not write about current controversies, anyone who follows this blog knows that I prefer to discuss controversies that were settled via Ecumenical Councils in the early church, but I digress.Continue reading “The Difference Between King David and Ravi Zacharias”

What is God’s Will For Your Life?

What is God’s will for my life?  That question will inevitably enter the mind of a Christian at some point.  It may manifest after a traumatic event, after the end of a relationship, in the process of making a weighty decision, or during an ordinary day.  Whatever the context behind the question the universal reasonContinue reading “What is God’s Will For Your Life?”

Louis Berkhof Against the Lutheran View of the “Communicatio Idiomatum”

The Reformed understanding of the Communicatio Idiomatum (communication of properties) is that the divine and human natures are ascribed to the person of Christ without confusing or mixing of the two. For example, Christ can say that He has always existed with the Father in glory (John 17:5) because this is true according to theContinue reading “Louis Berkhof Against the Lutheran View of the “Communicatio Idiomatum””