NDAs Have No Place In The Church

If you’ve listened to The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, you no doubt are familiar with the damage that Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) can cause for those in the church. If you’ve been required to sign one, you definitely know what I’m talking about. Sure, in the secular world they can be used to protectContinue reading “NDAs Have No Place In The Church”

Sometimes the Humble Response is Simply “Thank you”

How do you express humility after you’ve done something objectively well? I’m not talking about humblebragging or false humility. But really, when you use your God-given gifts to create or express something beautifully, how do you respond with humility when you receive genuine praise? In some Christian circles, it may be an unspoken rule thatContinue reading “Sometimes the Humble Response is Simply “Thank you””

Ministry’s Not About You

Ministry’s dangerous.  If you google “pastor fired” you’ll see an endless stream of articles recounting the varied moral failures of former ministry leaders.  Adultery, embezzlement, abusive leadership, and addiction always top the list.  But as with everything in this fallen world, it isn’t always the glaring, blatant sins that cause all the damage.  Rather, it’sContinue reading “Ministry’s Not About You”