The First Use of Trinitarian Language in Church History

The Church’s understanding of the Trinity is founded on Scripture and calcified through overcoming heretical controversies. Every orthodox Father following the Apostles used language that affirmed the Trinity in various contexts. But when was the protean use of distinct Trinitarian language in Church history? Often, Tertullian is thought to be the origin of Trinitarian labels because he used “Trinitas” to explain the Godhead. However, while Trinitas is the root of the word “Trinity”, and even though Tertullian was the first Latin speaking theologian to use it, he wasn’t first overall. The first use of Trinitarian language in Church history comes from a surprising source, Theophilus of Antioch.

The Filioque: What it is and Why it Matters

The Trinity is everything. It’s the defining doctrine of Christianity which ties all others together.  The Trinity is not an inconsequential abstract thought. It is the nature of the One True God. We’re privileged to have the opportunity to study who God is and what He has revealed to us in His Word.  However, whenContinue reading “The Filioque: What it is and Why it Matters”

Why the Trinity is a Bad Argument for Trichotomy

Attempts to glean from Scripture what it means to be human have brought about two prominent views.  The first is Dichotomy. This view states that man was created with two aspects of our nature, body and soul, and that soul and spirit are both Biblical terms given to explain our spiritual nature.  The other isContinue reading “Why the Trinity is a Bad Argument for Trichotomy”