Gregory of Nazianzus “On the Spirit”

“Mind, why do you hesitate? Sing also the praise of the Spirit and do not in a form of words divine that which inherent nature has not dissevered. Let us bow in awe before the mighty Spirit, who is God in heaven, who to me is God, by whom I came to know God, and who in the world makes me God”

Gregory of Nazianzus’ Christmas Sermon (Oration 38)

Church Father Friday is the ongoing curation of Patristic texts. These short selections from church history remind us of where we’ve been, and what God has done throughout history for the Church. I pray these excerpts are a blessing to you.   One of the blessings of studying church history is reading accounts about theContinue reading “Gregory of Nazianzus’ Christmas Sermon (Oration 38)”